Lexington Ice is the only company that internally designs and manufactures ice sculptures in central and eastern Kentucky. As such, we feel that we are an authority on all things “ice” in our region. After looking over our site, we would love to answer any questions that you might have. You’ll find that we are still as excited about designing and carving your next sculpture as you will be to see it arrive at your location. You’ll also discover that ice sculptures are no longer as expensive and difficult to access as they once were. Over the years, customizable ice sculptures of nearly any size, shape, design, or detail, for nearly any type of gathering, have become easily accessible and
readily available through our company. The affordability of these exquisite, impactful pieces makes them a must-have centerpiece for any event or special occasion set to be unique or memorable.

Whether you are looking for a small centerpiece for a table, an elegant vase for a buffet, an ice luge for the super bowl party, customized company logo for a business affair, shot glasses made of ice for private events, or a full ice bar to WOW your friends and colleagues, Lexington Ice can create the perfect blend of art and function to ensure that your event is exciting and memorable.

What are some of the things Lexington Ice has created recently?
Our very extensive line of custom tools and talent allows us to duplicate company logos, three-dimensional shapes, object-infused sculpturing, double-sided details and nearly anything else imaginable. We have well over 2,000 designs internally that we could carve, and are always looking for new designs and challenges. Here are some things to consider:
  • Larger stand-alone items such as full drink bar structures, statues, a pool table, life-size animals, and more.
  • Mid-size table-top centerpieces such as dueling hearts, swans, corporate logos, drink luges, pedestals, busts, flower vases, and much more.
  • Smaller options such as shot glasses, martini glasses (in which we often serve desserts), etc.
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