Below are a few ideas to help get your creativity flowing. These are also a small representation of some of our recent ice sculptures created here at Lexington Ice.

Chef Michael Stoddart is responsible for all of the ice carving here at Seasons. Being awarded the prestigious 2012 Professional Ice Carving Champion by the National Ice Carving Association (NICA), there isn't much that he can not accomplish artistically. The only governors placed on ice carving typically is budget and creativity!

Have a unique or interesting idea that you would like to discuss? Put us to the test! Give us a call, we would love to chat further! 859-266-6661.

  • Punch and drink bowls
  • Drink dispensing fountains
  • Ice shot Luges of different varieties
  • Food displays and wine bottle holders
  • Candle holders of all sizes
  • Novelty drinking glasses
  • Lighting elements
  • Multi-tiered food displays
  • Miscellaneous tables and seating

  • Any custom logo (which can have color and be multi-dimensional)
  • Custom table décor & centerpieces
  • Jewelry pieces
  • Directional signage
  • Corporate décor

Drink/Bar Related
  • Liquor luges of all types
  • Novelty drink glasses
  • Entire ice bar, stools, or lounge
  • Wine racks and wine bottle holders

Miscellanous Items
  • Life-size Oscar award or trophies
  • Equestrian Related sculptures; full horse or horses bust, horse shoes, bridals, etc.
  • Piano (playable with a keyboard)
  • Any type of animal carving (eagles, peacock, deer, elks, sailfish, flying fish, ocean life, Grasshopper, Butterfly, angelfish etc.)
  • Sporting related items such as: team logos, the Heisman trophy, basketballs, etc.
  • Motor vehicles and motorcycles
  • Tribal masks
  • Treasure chest
  • Shark/surf board
  • Eiffel tower
  • Bride and Groom Monogram or Initials
  • Punch and Drink Bowls
  • Swans
  • Dueling Hearts (or a single heart)
  • Photo Freeze (enlarged photo frozen into the ice)
  • Floral vases of all sizes
  • Candle holders

  • Street post lights (that can have a flameless candle or light inserted into them to actually work)
  • Snowmen
  • Cornucopia
  • Santa’s sleigh and reindeer
  • Ice castles
  • Trees of varying types
  • Christmas gift boxes (with frozen treats inside)

  • Shot glasses
  • Martini glasses
  • High-ball glasses
  • Beer mugs
  • Unusual ice cubes

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