Generally, ice competitions are held January through March all over the world. Competitions provide a better education in the skill of ice carving, a chance to meet other professional and amateur carvers, to visit unique venue sites and the opportunity to better yourself as an individual carving in your trade. It is exciting to see new tools, techniques, and skills that are used in the industry. Lexington Ice is a member and active participant in the National Ice Carving Association (NICA).

Michael & Matthew Stoddart, Preparing for Another Season of Ice Carving

After winning the National Championship in the professional division, in 2014 Michael entered into Masters level competition. This is the highest division that an ice carver can compete in, and those who are very successful in this division even have the opportunity to compete in global events, such as the world Olympics.

Michael also added the new experiece of becoming a Certified Lead Carving Judge in the NICA circuit, participating in judging throughout multiple competitons during the 2014 season of ice carving competitions.  (Click here for more information on the requirements for participating as a Certified National Ice Carving  Association Judge)

Certificate of Recognition to Michael Stoddart, a NICA Certified Ice Carving Judge

 Lexington Ice Scultpures
2015 Schedule of Ice Carving Competitions

Follow Chef Michael Stoddart, his son Matthew, and others throughout their upcoming excursions during the 2015 ice carving season. Staff from Lexington Ice Sculptures plan to particMedal Winners at the Ice Carving Competition in Medina, OH.ipate in the following competitions this year:

January 16-18, 2015
International Ice Carving Competition 
Lake Louise, Canada

February 6-7, 2015
The Magical Ice Festival
St. Joseph, MI

February 14-16, 2015
Ice Carving Competition
Medina, OH

February 27- March 6, 2015
World Ice Art Championships 
 Fairbanks, Alaska
Click here for more info on WIAC.

                                                                              Winners of Multiple Medals in Medina, OH. 

There are several NICA sanctioned events during the typical ice carving season. These events are scattered aboard throughout the United States, making some difficult to attend. To see the complete list of competitions being promoted by NICA, click here.


Below is a list of competitions in which Michael Stoddart, owner of Lexington Ice Sculptures, has participated and been awarded prestigious medals:

(Note: All medals awarded beginning in 2014 were Masters Level Competitions, the highest class of competition in the ice carving circuit):
    • Feb. 14-16, 2014: Ice Carving Competition, Medina, OH. First Place Medal in individual competition, Second Place Medal in the team competition (this was not a NICA sanctioned competition). 
    • Feb. 7-9, 2014: The Magical Ice Carving Festival, Silver Medal in Individual Competiton and a Silver Medal in the team competition.
    • Jan. 24-26, 2014: Collegiate Nationals at Zehnders Snow & Ice Festtival, Frankenmuth, MI.  Michael was named a Certtified Lead Carving Judge by NICA.
    • Jan. 26-27, 2013: 3rd Annual Winterfest National Ice Carving Competition, Greenbriar, WV. Gold Medal for two block/4 hour competition; Silver Medal for one block/2.5 hours "Carve and Deliver"
    • Jan. 18-20, 2013: International Ice Magic Festival, Lake Louise Alberta, Canada. Placed 6th out of the 12 international teams. 15 block/34 hour competition.
    • Feb. 24-25, 2012: Winterfest 2012, Perrysburg, OH. Gold Medal
    • Feb. 3-5, 2012: NICA U.S. National Championships, U.S. 2012 Professional Ice Carving Champion. Two Silver Medals for skills and third overall in a speed carving competition. His performance helped him accumulate the best overall score throughout the competition, earning Mike the title of the U.S. 2012 Professional Ice Carving Champion.
    • Jan. 14, 2012: Titanic's 2nd Annual Ice Sculpture Competition, Pigeon Forge, TN. Bronze Medal
    • Fire and Ice Festival Mount Holly, NJ. Silver Medal
    • Jan. 22, 2011: Pro Titanic's First Annual Ice Sculpture Competition at Pigeon Forge, Pigeon Forge, TN. Silver Medal
    • Jan. 15, 2011: Titanic's 5th Annual Ice Sculpture Competition, Branson, MO. Silver Medal
    • Jan. 7-10, 2011: Greenbrier 1st Annual NICA Competition, White Sulphur Springs, WV. Two Silver Medals
    • Jan. 16, 2010: Titanic's 4th Annual Ice Sculpture Competition Branson, MO, Individual Professional Competition. Silver Medal
    • Feb. 8, 2009: Downers Grove National Competition, Silver Medal
    • Jan. 31, 2009: Mt. Holly, NY, Fire and Ice, Bronze Medal
    • Jan. 18, 2009: Branson, MO, Bronze Medal
    • 2008 National Ice Carving Competition, Downers Grove, Bronze Medal
    • 2007 National Ice Carving Competition, Downers Grove, Bronze Medal
    • Jan. 20-21, 2006 Hamilton, OH, and Downers Grove, Bronze Medal
    • Feb. 12-13, 2005: National Ice Competition, Bronze Medal
    • Jan. 22, 2005: Hamilton, OH, Bronze Medal
    • Jan. 25, 2005: West Lake, OH, Bronze Medal
    • Jan. 29, 2005: Downers Grove, IL, Bronze Medal
    • Jan. 8, 2005: Toledo, OH, Bronze Medal
    • Feb. 14-15, 2004: National Ice Competition, Bronze Medal
    • Jan. 23-24, 2004: Hamilton, OH, Silver Medal
    • Jan. 18, 2003: Winter Magic and Logo Competition, Munster, IN, Bronze Medal
    • Jan. 4-5, 2003: Toledo Zoo, Bronze Medal
    • Jan. 25, 2003: Hamilton, OH, Bronze Medal
    • Jan. 26, 2002: Hamilton, OH, Bronze Medal

    International Ice Magic Festival held in Lake Louise, Alberta Canada

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